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For busy women on-the-go who need a wardrobe to express their statement of style with an elegant touch, a specially designed collection can be the ideal solution. One of the leading Canadian labels created by Joseph Ribkoff has given women with busy lifestyles the ultimate choice in quality and fashionable styles. Since 1957, this exquisite collection has guided women around the world in making the perfect decision about what to wear for work, social events, and on cruises or in tropical resorts.


Whether you need Joseph Ribkoff dresses for a party, attractive Joseph Ribkoff skirts for a special occasion, or to start your climb on the corporate ladder in a pair of stylish Joseph Ribkoff pants, this amazing brand can help you achieve both your professional and personal preferences for your individual fashion statement. For designs that reflect who you truly are and that capture the essence of fashion trends, the latest Joseph Ribkoff collection of dresses, tops, jackets, and pants can be your guide to a fresh, new look. Made with quality and an understanding of what simply looks stunning, Joseph Ribkoff tops as well as coats and jackets will flatter your figure and help you to express your zest for life with the choices that you make. From chic to elegant to luxurious and stylish, Joseph Ribkoff collections are timeless pieces that will work in your wardrobe for years to come. When you want to wear fashions that are made in Canada, Joseph Ribkoff dresses, tops, jackets, and pants is the brand that will take you stylishly to any event you’re planning to attend.

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